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Mozambique is extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and, in line with the latest IPCC report (AR6), is facing severe weather and climatic events, such a flooding, drought, cyclones and intense heat, with increasing frequency and intensity.

From our own research, conducted in 2022, we know that 59% of Mozambicans were affected by extreme heat; the same percentage affected by storm-related events in the previous year. And climate impacts are affecting people’s health, agricultural activities and livelihoods through loss of food, housing and income. It therefore comes as no surprise that 82% of Mozambicans are very concerned about climate change and how it will impact their life and livelihoods in the future. CPGD's research considers the political-economy factors affecting the decision making of responding to climate impacts and how the state and other actors are trying to build resilience to current and future climate shocks.

Image by Dimitry B on Unsplash


  • Immobility in a Changing Climate (ITHACA)



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