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The Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD) is an independent and interdisciplinary research institution, based in Maputo, dedicated to supporting and conducting relevant, systematic and evidence based research to inform policy intervention in Mozambique and the wider African region.

We conduct research on a broad range of topics including democracy, governance, energy, youth and socio-economic development with the aim of building an effective and capable state that is accountable and transparent, inclusive and responsive.

CPDG’s activities are focused on the following research areas:

  • public and political opinions

  • political institutions

  • elections and voting behaviour

  • legislatures and legislative behaviour

  • comparative politics

  • youth and development

  • energy

  • climate change

  • governance

  • public policy

  • socio-economic development 

In addition we support Mozambican scholars and practitioners to make use of evidenced-based research to do their own analysis and further inform Mozambican decision-makers for policy intervention and implementation.  

Why we do it:

  • To promote evidence based research among Mozambicans scholars

  • To promote evidence based public policy among Mozambican policy decision makers

  • For Mozambican decision makers who struggle to find evidence-based information to adopt more participatory public policies to improve people’s livelihoods

  • For the donor community who struggle to find evidence-based information to inform their projects and programmes supporting Mozambicans to govern their state and manage their economy more effectively to reduce absolute poverty  


Our Mission
Our mission is to produce and promote evidence-based research for decision making and effective public policy in Mozambique.


Our Objectives

  • To produce and collect scientifically reliable data on citizens and institutions

  • To build capacity to conduct research and utilise research findings in Mozambique

  • To disseminate research results to inform policy making and implementation 

Our Organisational Values

  • We are an independent and interdisciplinary research organization

  • We are accountable to the public, whose trust we hold

  • We uphold integrity, neutrality and objectivity in our work

  • We are committed to excellence in all endeavours  

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