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Data Collection


Research and Analysis


Monitoring and Evaluation

CPGD is experienced in conducting quantitative and qualitative survey research and data collection, including monitoring and evaluation assignments, across Mozambique. 


Our team has a proven capacity to plan and manage survey operations and logistics, in line with data collection protocols, having undertaken robust data collection, management and analysis on a variety of topics including education, youth, socio-economic development, democracy, governance and sustainable development.


CPGD can also provide:

  • bespoke briefings and analysis on socio-economic topics of relevance for a contemporary Mozambique

  • tailored training on research and data collection methodology (e.g. sampling, questionnaire design, quantitative and qualitative research design, using and interpreting statistics, research ethics/protocols etc)

CPGD Mozambique Data Collection

Data Collection

CPGD Mozambique Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

CPGD Mozambique Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

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