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Mozambique's 2019 Election


On 15 October 2019 Mozambicans voted in presidential, legislative and provincial elections.  This was the 6th regular multiparty national election held since the country adopted its democratic constitution in 1990. 


While many elections at national and subnational levels have been conducted so far, there is limited available data and analysis of elections and voting behaviour in Mozambique, an evidence gap that CPGD's research aims to fill. 


This page contains our research focused specifically on the 2019 election.  For broader election studies research visit our Election Studies or Publications pages.


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        Shenga, C. (2019)

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        National Democratic Institute (NDI) and Centre for Research on Governance and Development (CPGD), 2018

Infographics (English and Português)

Election Infographics
Mozambican Voters' Economic Concerns
Mozambican Voters' Health Concerns
Mozambican Voters' Political Concerns
Mozambican Voters' Agricultural Concerns
Mozambican Voters' Infrastructure Concerns
Mozambica Voters Public Service Concerns
Preocupações Económicas Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Preocupações Saúde Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Preocupações Políticas Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Preocupações Agrícolas Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Preocupações Infraestruturas Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Preocupações Servíços Públicos Cidadãos Moçambicanos
Mozambique Election Communication
Comunicação Eleitoral de Moçambique
Mozambique Election Voter Turnout
Mozambique Election Competition
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